Real ghost video... boooooooo!!

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Online Practice Exercises

Finally, these are the online practice exercises you can work with...


Printable Exercises

Hi again:

You need to print this exercise for the class, as a practice with this unit:

See you later!

Writing skills


Here is the file you'll need to print and bring to the class.

See ya!

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Printable Exercises

Hi again:

For Friday, print out the following pages, and bring them to to class, please: Shopping.

Second partial grades

Ok, guys:

Here are the second partial grades. They will be published until tomorrow, so check them out and see if they're ok (specially the absences).

For tomorrow, print the following exercise and bring it to the class:

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Festival Internacional del Globo 2009

Online Practice Exercises

Ok, guys... Here are the links I told you about. Practice with the exercises and don't forget to be careful with the spelling of verbs and numbers.

See you later!!

Simple Past:

Past and Past Progressive:

Telling the time:


Used to:

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