LEVEL V: Answers to the review exercises

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Here are the answers to the exercises we didn't have time to complete in class last Wednesday:

Activity 4 Find the Past Simple of the following verbs: 

Work _____worked_________ 
come _____came_______ 
Walk _____walked_________ 
speak _____spoke________ 
Talk ______talked_________ 
see _______saw_________ 
Clean _____cleaned_______ 
do ________did__________ 
Live ______lived__________
 go _______went__________ 
Wash _____washed________ 
sing ______sang________

It was impossible for me to concentrate! I went to my bedroom and my mother ___was cleaning______ the carpet with the vacuum cleaner. Then I went to the living room but my brother Paul ______was lying________ on the sofa. He __was playing________ his guitar. After that I decided to go to the kitchen. There, my grandmother ____was cooking_______ and she __was______ also ______watching___ TV. Finally, I went out to the garden where I found my sister. She ___was listening_______ to her Walkman and she ___was singing____ at the top of her voice.

Activity 5 Write the correct form of the verb, using the Past Simple or the Past Continuous tense.

A: I _______saw______________ (see) Peter and John in the park on Sunday.
B: _______Were they playing________ (they/play) football? They always play football on Sundays.
A: No, they ______weren't_________ (not/be). They _____were talking______ (talk) with some girls.
B: ______Did you say hello_______ (you/say) hello to them?
A. Although I ____called______________ (call) their names, they _didn't hear___ (not/hear) me.
B: Maybe they ___didn't notice_______ (not/notice) you ____were________ (be) there.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Continuous or the Past Simple.

1) Frank ____finished___ (finish) his lunch and ___rang_____ (ring) his friend Jason.
2) Jason __was watching__________ (watch) TV when Frank____phoned__ (phone) him.
3) He __turned off_____ (turn off) the TV when he ___heard____ (hear) the phone ringing.
4) They ______were deciding______ (decide) what to do when Jason ____suggested________ (suggest) going to the club.
5) Frank ___picked______ Jason ____up______ (pick up) and _____drove_______ (drive) to the club.
6) Two other people _____were using_____(use) their tennis court when they _____arrived_____________ (arrive).
7) They ____were drinking_____ (drink) a soda and _____eating_________ (eat) a sandwich while they ___were waiting____(wait) to play.
8) While they ______were playing_____ (play), it __started______ (start) to rain so they _______had_________ (have) to stop playing.

Activity 6 Put the verbs into the correct form (past progressive). 

1. When I phoned my friends, they (play) ___were playing____________ Monopoly. 
2. Yesterday at six I (prepare) _____was preparing________ dinner. 
3. The kids (play) __were playing_____ in the garden when it suddenly began to rain. 
4. I (practice) _practiced__________- the guitar when he came home. 
5. We (not / cycle) __didn't cycle__________ all day. 
6. While Aaron (work) __was working________ in his room, his friends (swim)___were swimming________ in the pool. 
7. I tried to tell them the truth but they (listen / not) ____weren't listening___________. 
8. What (you / do) ____did you do___________ yesterday? 
9. Most of the time we (sit) __sat______ in the park. 



As I mentioned in class, here are two assignments for you to practice with correlative conjunctions and with narrative tenses (Simple Past and Past Progressive). These two activities are already on the platform, and are for next week:

Exercise 1:
Don't forget during this week, to work with the exercises I mentioned in class. This will be your review before the exam:

Exercise 2:
Here's another homework for NEXT WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9. You have to print and answer the following exercises, so we can check it next week as part of your review.


LEVEL V: Pronunciation of the -ed ending (simple past, regular verbs)

Finally, as I promised in class, here's a document for you to have as a reference: How to pronounce the -ed ending in the regular past tense verbs or the past participle.

See ya!

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