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Que se note la preocupacion...

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Online Survey


If you happened to use the platform this semester, you'll have to answer an online survey. It was created in order to know your opinion about the use of the platform and the things you considered useful during the semester.

Thanks for taking the time to answer it!

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Exam revision

Just a reminder: Next Monday from 8 to 11 am, same place.
See you there!

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ENGLISH VII: Topics for the Fourth Partial

Hi, my soon-to-be former students (ha!):

Here are the topics for the Fourth Partial, so PLEEEEAAASSEEEEEE, study them and in case you have any question, let me know:

Reported Speech (Unit 5C)
Connectors (Unit 7, page 113)
Relative Clauses (Unit 7C, pages 108- 109))
Noun Clauses (Unit 7B, pages )
Phrasal verbs (page 157, Files 5 and 7)
Idioms (at this stage, a bit much, card up your sleeve, if you are given lemons make lemonade, lead someone up the garden path, new blood)

Perfect Modals (Unit 4B)
Mixed conditionals (Unit 4A)
Embedded questions (Unit 1A)
Reduced clauses (Unit 7C, but now reducing clauses eliminating the relavitive pronouns)
Phrasal verbs (page 157, Files 1 and 4)
Idioms (pages 146 and 151)

Parallel structure (not in the book, but in exercises on the blog)
Causative form (Unit 6B)
Narrative tenses: Simple Past, Past Perfect, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous (Unit 2B)
Phrasal verbs (page 157, Files 2 and 6)
Idioms (all over town, get out of town, hit town, man about town, paint the town)

Future Perfect and Future Continuous (Unit 3B)
Almost negatives (hardly, all, almost, almost all, just, really, half, most, most of, none)
Prefixes and suffixes (not in the book, but in exercises on the blog and in your notebook)
Phrasal verbs (the ones I already posted)
Idioms (the ones I already posted)

ENGLISH VII: Phrasal verbs and idioms for the Fourth Partial

Hi, people:

In addition to the topics we've been studying, we have these phrasal verbs and idioms for this partial, so please don't forget to look up their meaning for the final exam:

Phrasal verbs:

  • Do away with
  • Break in
  • Blow up
  • Hand in
  • Let (somebody) off

  • Get away with murder
  • Daylight robbery
  • A steal
  • Thick as thieves
  • On the case
And don't forget to study all of those from the other partials.

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ENGLISH VII: Homework for Tuesday 20th

Hi, y'all:

Here are the basic prefixes and suffixes you can study for your final exam (click on each one to open a pdf file with examples):

anti-   de-   dis-   ex-   mis-    -ly

pre-   re-   un-   -ful   -less

Please, print the following exercises FROM PAGE 1 TO 6 and then answer them. We'll check them next Tuesday.

And finally, print out this other exercise and answer it too.

(If you want to study a more extensive list of these groups of letters, here's a good example).

See you tomorrow!!

ENGLISH VII: Homework for tomorrow Thursday 15th

Hi, there:

The homework for tomorrow is to PRINT AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING PAGE:

Future simple, future continuous or future perfect?

And to practice with these tenses, work with this quiz and this other.

ENGLISH VII: Practice with narrative tenses

Hi, y'all:

I told you in class to practice with the narrative tenses we'll evaluate in the partial exam, but last week I posted two entries with information and exercises for you to practice... so here they are again:

Narrative tenses (posted on October 29th)

Homework for last Wednesday October 31st

So next time I publish something, PLEASE READ IT!!

If you still need more practice, check these pages out:

Narrative tenses: more explanations

Narrative tenses test


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