ENGLISH VII: Podcasting your horror stories

Hi, there:

Happy Halloween and dead related holidays!

I told you in class that you needed to publish your stories by just clicking on the "Comments" link, but I have something more interesting for you: CREATING A PODCAST WITH YOUR STORIES.
This means that you need to actually record your own voice telling the story, so we can all hear it anytime.

These two are my recommendations for you, but there are many other options out there on the Internet:

AudioBoo (it requires a free account, or you can sign up using Twitter. It's also available for Apple, Nokia and Android).

Audacity (you need to install the software, but it's for free!)

When you have your file, you can publish it on AudioBoo (there's a green bar on the right side of the screen, with the option of recording on-line or uploading your files... It has a duration of 3 minutes, so please, be brief).

I hope you enjoy it!

ENGLISH VII: Homework for Wednesday 31st

Hi again:

To practice with narrative tenses, please PRINT AND ANSWER the following exercises:

Narrative tenses 1
Narrative tenses 2
Narrative tenses 3 (use the words in the boxes to complete the exercise, don't drag them as the instructions say).

ENGLISH VII: Narrative tenses

Hi there:

This is the last topic of this partial. The narrative tenses are used to talk about events in the past and there are basically four of them:

  • Simple Past: it is used to talk about past events in chronological order.
  • Past Continuous: it is used to talk about events that were in progress at a certain point in time.
  • Past Perfect: it is used to talk about events that happened way back in the past (before another event or a definite moment in the past).
  • Past Perfect Continuous: it is used to talk about actions that were in progress in the past, for a certain period of time.
An example of these tenses is this one: 

We had a wonderful time. The sun was shining and everything was great. The kids had packed some food, and they ate it during the trip. We had been collecting plants and rocks all afternoon and were very tired, so we decided to set up the tent and spend the night there. It was such a nice place!

To practice with these concepts, please work with the following pages:

Narrative tenses exercise 1
Narrative tenses exercise 2
Narrative tenses exercise 3

For further information, read this.

ENGLISH VII: Pronunciation of final -ed


This material is very useful to learn the pronunciation rules of the final -ed of regular verbs, according to the sound they have.

Dedicated to Shair, here are the rules you need to know and remember.


ENGLISH VII: Homework for tomorrow Friday 26th

Hi, there:

For tomorrow, here and here are the exercises you need to print and bring to class.


ENGLISH II: Future forms exercises

Hi, you all:

Today we had the quiz, because it was the last day we had to do it. I know some of you won't come to class on Wednesday, but on Thursday we have composition, so I can't postpone this any longer.


Will or Be Going to

Future mix


ENGLISH VII: Reading exercises

Hi, you people:

As you requested this last partial, here are some short readings you can do to practice your reading comprehension skills.

They include multiple choice questions or gap fill exercises, so you can identify your knowledge and understanding.

Dig in!

"Television" - High Intermediate. 10 questions. 217 words.

"Cacti" - High Intermediate. 10 questions. 248 words.

"Space Exploration" - High Intermediate. 10 questions. 235 words.

"The Fastest Dinosaurs"

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ENGLISH VII: Reading material about causative form

Hi again:

This is a short explanation about causative form in its two forms: active and passive. Please watch the video first, and then read the examples. If you want, you can take the quiz that goes along with the explanations.

Tomorrow you'll answer more exercises like the ones you saw in these materials.


ENGLISH VII: Watch this video about causative form


Please watch the following video about the causative form. It will give you an idea about the grammar you'll learn tomorrow. Don't forget you also have to print the exercises that were posted yesterday on this same blog.

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ENGLISH VII: Causative form

Hi, people:

How are you? This exercise is for you to bring NEXT FRIDAY OCTOBER 19th. You have from today until next Friday to print it. DON'T ANSWER IT, you'll do in class as usual.


See you next Monday!

The Real Bears

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ENGLISH VII: More practice with parallel structure

Hi again:

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. These are the exercises I told you about. They have an interactive version with explanations, so you can see how well you answer them (or why you didn't):

Exercise 2   Exercise 3   Exercise 4   Exercise 5   Exercise 6

ENGLISH VII: Parallel structure exercises


Here's the PDF file you need to print. If you want to keep the whole exercise print the two pages, if you already have the first one then just print THE SECOND ONE.


ENGLISH VII: Parallel structure explanations and examples


If you want to know more about parallel structure and practice with it, here's something you need to read before anything else:

Parallel Structure 1 

Parallel Structure 2

ENGLISH VII: Answer key


Here are the answers to the exercises we answered today in class. If you haven't done them yet, please don't check the key before doing them...


ENGLISH VII: Second Partial Review

Hi, there:

I know I said "after 4", but well, 6:09 is indeed "after 4".... ha!

Here are the exercises you need to answer for tomorrow.

See you in class!

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