Third Partial Grades

Well, people...

As I promised today during class, here are the third partial grades. My coordinator doesn't have all the memos about your absences yet, so I don't have them ready... Sorry!

Check out your grades. If you have any question, tomorrow we can discuss it.

See ya!

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Presentation Evaluation Format

Hi again:

Here is the evaluation format you need to print to evaluate each teams' presentations.

Don't forget to bring them!!!!!


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Teams for presentations

Well, guys, the following info is about the teams, dates and themes:

Nov. 23rd
Simple Present and Present Progressive
Yadira, Zárate, Lucio
There is/ There are:
Carlos, Jovan, Arturo, Saúl

Nov. 24th

Simple Past and Past Progressive:
Melissa, Paola, Mariela
Some- any/ Many- much:
Elí, Miguel, Karla

Nov. 25th
Going to- Will:
Enrique, Jackie, Geral, Diego
Kevin, Azaed, Charlie
Iván, Nayeli, Rodrigo

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Printable Exercises

Hi everyone:

Print these exercises to practice with them in class...

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