ENGLISH V: Phrasal verbs and idioms

Hi, y'all:

Here are the phrasal verbs and idioms you need to study for tomorrow:

1. against the clock,
2. easier said than done,
3. get a handle on,
4. keep posted,
5. hand in hand.

Phrasal verbs:
1. answer back,
2. answer for,
3. ask around,
4. ask for,
5. ask round,
6. carry on,
7. carry on with,
8. carry out

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Hi again:

Just to let you know that we have now our visit to the Centro de Cómputo already confirmed:

8:00 am group: Room G104
9:00 am group: Room G104
10:00 am group: Room G106

See you tomorrow!

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ENGLISH II: Practice for tomorrow


I didn't publish any exercises because the only thing you need to study for tomorrow is the verb "To Be"... so... that's extremely easy, don't you think?

See you tomorrow!!

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ENGLISH II: Pronouns


Here are the exercises about pronouns you need to PRINT AND ANSWER FOR TOMORROW:


Nothing yet...

Hi: we're having regular class tomorrow as usual. So don't go to the Centro de computo please!!!

See you tomorrow in class.


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ENGLISH II: Prepositions for tomorrow

Hi, guys:

Here are the exercises you need to print for tomorrow (I MADE A MISTAKE: PLEASE PRINT ONLY PAGES 3 AND 4, NOT NUMBER 2 AS I TOLD YOU IN CLASS... Oopss!).

See you!

ENGLISH II: Homework for Wednesday 20th

Hi people:

Here are the spelling rules I mentioned today in class. Please print this page and cut out the chart, and then paste it in your notebook...

See you!

ENGLISH V: Homework for tomorrow Wednesday 20th

Hi there:

Here's the homework for tomorrow!

Adjective order 

Adjective order 2 

Relative pronouns 

Relative pronouns 2 

If you want, you can copy and paste everything to Word and then save a lot of paper!


ENGLISH V 9 am: Homework for tomorrow February 14th


As I told you in class, here are the exercises you need to answer for tomorrow. Please, print them first and then answer them, so we can check answers in class tomorrow:

 See you tomorrow!!

ENGLISH II: Homework for Thursday February 14th

Hi everyone:

Here are the exercises you need to answer and print for tomorrow, so we can check the answers together:

Exercise 1 

Exercise 2

Exercise 3


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