Public Speaking 1: Topics for your speech


Here´s a list of some topics you can use. Narrow them down to 3 ideas and decide on one. Remember it should be something you feel identified with, so you can transmit your emotional charge to your audience.

Persuasive speech ideas for 630+ speechwriting presentations:

20 Policy Questions
25 Opinion
30 Speech Class
15 Serious
20 Current
15 Fact or Value
15 Common
15 Cool
29 Popular
36 Original
32 Exciting
16 Strong
31 Easy
25 Possible
23 Unusual
36 List
38 Different
18 Light
17 Top
12 Ready Made Statements
How To Make The Overused Interesting
18 on Health
23 on Education
18 Environmental
25 Policy
16 Sports Related
13 Motivational

Public Speaking 1: Videos about persuasive speeches

Hi, y'all:

Here are the links to the videos we watched last Friday, plus some others:

Gay marriage in America

Making a difference through special olympics

Types of persuasion for speeches

Tips on how to write a great persuasive speech

Be a Hero, Give blood

Thank you for smoking

Eliminate the fear of public speaking forever!

The girl that silenced the world for 5 minutes

Putting the brakes on teenage driving

Public Speaking 1: A Persuasive Speech

Hi again:

This partial we'll be working with persuasive speech, so here's a list of ideas on how to organize and develop your message:




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Public Speaking: Visual aids


Here's the link to the presentation we had this morning, in case you wanted to see it again.


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Visual aids: check these videos out...

Hi again:

I came across these videos with tips on how to use some resources like whiteboards, PowerPoint, props, etc.:

How to use a whiteboard in public speaking

Ten Tips for Using Props in a Presentation (many videos with explanations)

Flip chart how to

The most effective use of PowerPoint

Great material, by the way...

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Visual aids: what, when and how...

Hi there:

This partial (second already!), we'll take a look at the different kinds of visual aids you can use as part of your presentations.

Here's a list of some interesting ideas to consider when planning a presentation with visual aids. Read them and feel free to print them out.

Visual aid speech topic samples

Tips for using visual aids in your speech

Effectively communicating with visual aids (pdf file)

Hope you find them useful!

See ya!

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