ENGLISH VII: Reducing relative clauses

Hi, you there:

The topic today was reducing relative clauses. You'd better check this page out, in case you need any further explanation.

To practice with the topic, here are some interesting exercises as well.

ENGLISH II: Homework for Monday 1st

Hi again:

For Monday, you have to print the following guide, as a review of this partial (we'll answer it together in class):

Second Partial Review (Resources/ Second Partial/ Printable Exercises/ Grammar review 2nd partial.doc)


ENGLISH II: Homework for Friday 28th

Hi, class:

As I told you in class today, here's the homework for next Friday 28th. JUST PRINT THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES, DON'T ANSWER THEM YET.

Exercise 1: Simple Past 1 and Simple Past 2

Exercise 2: Telling the time

Exercise 3: Numbers


ENGLISH VII: Homework for tomorrow Thursday 27th

Hi, people:

As I told you today, the homework for this Thursday is this one:


Noun clauses: embedded questions

Grammar practice: embedded questions (just the exercise, not the video!)


English II: Study this for the 2nd partial exam

Hi, there!

As I mentioned today in class, these exercises will help you understand and work with the Simple Past and the Past Progressive when they go together (according to the things I wrote on the board this morning). You don't have to bring them, just work with them online, so you can practice anytime and anywhere with them:
Exercises on Simple Past and Past Progressive:

Any question, remember, please let me know. The partial exam is until next week, so we still have time to practice more with these topics.

See you tomorrow!!

ENGLISH II: Homework for Friday 21st

Hi, people!!

Here's the homework for tomorrow Friday. JUST PRINT THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES, DON'T ANSWER THEM!!!:




English II: Homework for tomorrow before the quiz

Hi, people:

The copies you need to bring tomorrow to be checked before the quiz are the same we were supposed to answer last week... Anyway, we'll do it tomorrow, so bring them:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


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English VII: Homework for Monday 17th

Hi, it's me again:

The homework I was talking about in class, is to print AND ANSWER (handwritten) the following exercises:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

See ya!!

English II: Homework for Monday 17th

Hi, students:

The homework for tomorrow Thursday Monday will be to bring all these exercises AND ANSWER THEM, because we are going to check them in class:

English test on simple past

See you tomorrow!!

English II 9 am class


Here are your partial grades, check them out!

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English II 8 am class


Here are your partial grades, please check them out!

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English VII: Video about accidents

Hi, y'all:

This is the video I was talking about... What would you do in an emergency like this??? What wouldn't you do to avoid something like that?

Comments welcome!!

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