Public Speaking 1: Few tips on how to start your speech


As we were discussing in class, there are many ways to start your speech and grab your audience's attention, or to link your ideas with phrases.

Here are some interesting tips, check them out:

How to start your speech: tease 'em 5 ways

5 lessons for speechwriters

Inspirational quotes for speeches

Repertoire of presentation phrases

And some other things to consider:

Public Speaking, Effective Speech, Components of Public Speaking


Dig in and enjoy!!

ENGLISH II: Pronouns


This is the exercise you need to print for tomorrow FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24TH.


Thank you!

See you tomorrow!!

Informative speech: Stop SOPA/ PIPA

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BusinessWeek Video: MGM Grand bets on people

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PUBLIC SPEAKING: Informative speeches videos


Here are the videos I showed you in class, with recommendatios for your presentations

Bad public speaking example

Rare phobia

The top ten things not to do when giving a speech

Enjoy them!!

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Business English: WRITING MODELS

Hi there!

Here you'll find the most common writing models you'll need for the next months (and in your professional life as well...)

Formal letters
E mails
Memos, notes, notices

See ya!!


Hi again:

Your homework for tomorrow is: Workbook exercise 6, page 5, and to print these exercises. Click on this link to find those copies. DON'T ANSWER THEM, TOMORROW IN CLASS WE'LL DO IT.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!!!

ENGLISH II 10 AM: Simple Present Spelling Rules

Here are the spelling rules for the Simple Present Tense:

Business English: Missing page


I imagine you're a little busy this evening, but here's the missing part of your copies. I hope it's not very late tonight when you see this message...

See you in class tomorrow!!

For Business English I: Unit 1a

Hi there!

Here's the complete Unit 1a for you to print it and bring it to class tomorrow.

I included the self- study section so you can practice with your grammar and the concepts you learn throughout the unit.

Click on this link to download the pdf file.

See you in class!!

Analyzing your audience

As we have mentioned in class, the key issue here is your audience. Your message would be absolutely useless if you haven´t analyzed your listeners before, or have no idea about them.

While searching for some articles about this, I came across this one in particular. It's a whole chapter from the "Public Speaking Handbook", published by Longman (

Although it's 29 pages long, it's really worth reading it.

Here's the link to the pdf file containing the information.

See you in class!

More exercises with tongue twisters

These other ones are great and funny (check out the one under letter "V", ha ha!). They were created/ recommended by a drama teacher (as you can see, I just love this subject):

A - Around the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran.

B - Big black bug bit a big black bear and the big black bear bled black blood.

C - Can I cook a proper cup of coffee in a copper coffee pot?

D - Don't doubt the doorbell, but differ with the doorknob.

E - Eight gray geese in a green field grazing.

F - Fine white vinegar with veal.
The free thugs set three thugs free.

G - Grab the groundhog from the glazed grass.
Grey geese in a green field grazing.

H - High roller, low roller, lower roller.
How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

I - Inexplicably mimicking him hiccupping.
I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch

J - Jingle jungle jangle joker.

K - Knit kilts for nasty cold nights.

L - Little lucky luke likes lakes, lucky little luke likes licking lakes

M - Monkeys make monopoly monotonous.

N - The Next nest will not necessarily be next to nothing.

O - Octopi occupy a porcupine's mind.
Only royal oily royal oil boils

P - Peter Prangle, the prickly pear picker, picked three perfectly prickly pears.
A proper copper coffee pot.

Q - Queen Catherine wakes the cat, and the cat quietly cries.

R - Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers!
Roberta ran rings around the Roman ruins.

S - Some shun sunshine. Do you shun sunshine?
Six stick shifts stuck shut.

T - Three thick thistle sticks.
The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

U - Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York.

V - Venti, Grande, Tall - Very Grand Words for Large, Medium, Small.

W - Will's wetsuit is round and wet and rough and wide and ready to go on a watery ride.
Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses.

X - Xylophones exist or so existentialists insist.

Y - Yoda met a Yeti on the Plains of Serengeti.

Z - Zoologists illogically love to read astrology.

Taken from Wade Bradford, plays/ drama guide

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Vocal exercises to help you articulate better

These exercises were taken from an expert in speech coaching in the UK, and will help you improve your articulation and exercise your muscles.

Please, do them alone, in front of your mirror, -you won't probably want anybody laugh at you while you're practicing with them-.

Consonant sounds

Sound all the consonant sounds in each word

1. Badminton racquets are lighter than cricket bats
2. Isn’t it time you tried the high jump
3. You need to attack if you want to win
4. Hitting tennis balls while sitting down is terribly difficult


Hum the ‘m’ and ‘n’ sounds

1. Now is the time to introduce netball
2. Swimming is fun in the summer months
3. My martial arts instructor always smiles when he wins
4. Mini tennis is fun for small children

Lip agility

1. Betty plays competitive badminton
2. Weightlifters acquire many muscles
3. Boys love to play billiards
4. When I play polo I usually win

Vowel Sounds

Open the mouth as wide as possible for all the vowel sounds

i (eye)

1. My smile is wide as I cross the winning line
2. I cried when they scored a try
3. I’m too frightened to try and jump that high
4. I try to smile even while I am losing

o (oh)

1. Throw it slowly into the yellow box
2. Follow the arrows to avoid the snow
3. My coach is called Joe
4. Go and show Flo a Judo throw

a (ay)

1. I’m afraid you didn’t make the relay team
2. Croquet is played at eight
3. There isn’t enough space in this place for a race
4. Stay there Jay and pick up the weight

a (ah)

1. Martial Arts won’t harm my arm
2. Stay calm, don’t argue, I’ll spar with you
3. My car can go fast
4. I can’t lift the bar very far with my bad arm

Fun tongue twisters

1. She sells sea shells on the sea shore
2. Whether the weather be hot or whether the weather be not
3. Peter Piper picked a piece of pickled pepper
4. Red leather yellow leather

Taken from

For more fun with tongue twisters, please visit:

Public Speaking 1

Hi, there:

As I told you in class, your first assignment will be to watch these videos and make comparisons among them:

1. What kind of speech are these people giving?
2. What elements can we identify in an effective- non effective speech?
3. What other observations did you make?

We'll discuss this tomorrow. See ya!

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