Business English I: Exam practice for the First Partial


Here's the practice test I mentioned today in class. I hope you find it useful!

Click here

ENGLISH V: Review of adjectives and relative clauses

Hi y'all:

Here's a list of exercises for you TO PRACTICE. You don't have to print them, just work with them as practice for your quiz:

Participial adjectives
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Adjective order
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Relative clauses
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

See ya!


Hi there!:

This is the homework for tomorrow:

1. Listen to the following conversations: Agenda

2. Meeting - Agenda Setting Quiz

Instructions: The following sentences are in the wrong order. Re-arrange them, or simply write them in the correct sequence so they all make sense:

Secondly we want to have a look at the production budgets.

And then we’ll see if there’s any other business.

OK, everybody thank you all very much for coming today.

If we could go through each of them in order.

And finally we need to look at the staffing levels for the project.

Just three things on the agenda today.

First of all we need to discuss our aims for the project.

Right let’s start with item number one. 

ENGLISH V: Writing and oral evaluation rubrics

Hi again:

These are the rubrics you need to analyze and keep for further reference:

Oral evaluation
Writing evaluation


BUSINESS ENGLISH I: Oral and writing evaluation rubrics

Hi there:

These are the rubrics I told you about today. You need to print them, analyze them and keep them for further reference:

Oral evaluation
Writing evaluation

See ya!

BUSINESS ENGLISH I: Memos, e-mails, notes, notices, formal letters, and reports.

Hi dear all: 

These are the writing models I told you about in class. You can print and analyze them for your writings this semester, and keep them for further reference in your life as graduate students (:))

Memos, e-mails, notes and notices 
Formal letters 

See ya!

LEVEL V: Combining sentences using relative clauses

Hi again!:

As we saw today in class, you can combine two different sentences that have some information in common, using a relative clause.

For example:

The little boy got lost yesterday.
His parents are looking for him.
The little boy, whose parents are looking for him, got lost yesterday.

Please, print out the following page, BUT ANSWER  EXERCISES 1- 8 ONLY:

See ya!

LEVEL V: Relative pronouns explanation and exercises


Today we started (or were supposed to start) studying the relative clauses and pronouns. Here's a good explanation about these pronouns (who, which, where, whose, that, -when, and why-):

Explanation (in class I didn't mention "when" or "why", but tomorrow we'll see more examples).


See you tomorrow!

LEVEL V: Exercises with adjectives


As I promised, it's almost 5 o'clock, and here's the homework for tomorrow:

Participial adjectives

Adjective order

See you tomorrow! ������

BUSINESS ENGLISH: Effective communication in the workplace


Here´s the video we watched this afternoon. Finish watching it and tomorrow we'll discuss it.

See ya!

LEVEL V: Adjective order exercise

Hi there!

Here's the homework for tomorrow:

Adjective order exercise

See you!

ENGLISH V: Spelling rules for the Present Continuous

Hi: Here are the spelling rules I mentioned in class last week. They can apply for both the Present Continuous and the Present Participle:



Hello there!

Finally,  here are the presentation and videos we saw last week. I hope it's not to late for you to view them...

Intercultural Communication (PowerPoint presentation)

American hand gestures

Intercultural Communication Adventure

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ENGLISH V: Pronunciation of the -ed ending

Finally, as I promised in class, here's a document for you to have as a reference: How to pronounce the -ed ending in the regular past tense verbs or the past participle.

See ya!

LEVEL V: Exercise with participial adjectives

Hi there:

Here's an exercise about participial adjectives, so please, print it out and answer it, and then bring it tomorrow to class.


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