LEVEL V: Spelling rules - ing

Here are the spelling rules for the verbs  ending in -ing. It can be use with both Present or Past Continuous:

ALL LEVELS: Verbs in Simple Past

Hi again:

Here you can find some examples of irregular verbs we saw in class (with similar forms in past), and a list of verbs that can be both regular and irregular (both forms are correct). CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR BETTER QUALITY.

LEVEL V: Review for the First Partial Exam

Hi there :

Here you can find some exercises to practice with for the First Partial Exam. Also, study the vocabulary of units 1, 2 and 4 (medical problems, sports, personal qualities):

Would rather/ prefer


Adjective order 1


EXPLANATION: Correlative conjunctions (http://flang1.kendall.mdc.edu/4/440/
Correlative Conjunctions: Practice with verbs (http://flang1.kendall.mdc.edu/acts/4/440/L440act3/L440act3lec3.htm

Simple Past and Past Progressive for narrative 





LIST OF IRREGULAR VERBS: https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/irregular-verbs





English V: -ed pronunciation homework

Hi, people!:

Answer the following exercises FOR TOMORROW TUESDAY:

Simple Past Ending -ed

Pronunciation "ed" Endings

Business Intelligence: Case for Friday

Hi there!
This will be the case for this week. Can politics and businesses be mixed?
Read this story, and decide if the company should  stop making campaign contributions.
  • Super PAC: Political action committees (PACs) are formed to privately raise money to donate to a political campaign in hopes of influencing the election. Super PACs can raise unlimited amounts of money to influence an election, but they are not permitted to donate directly to a campaign.
  • Lobbying: the activity of trying to persuade someone in authority, usually anelected member of a government, to support laws or rules that giveyour organization or industry an advantage.
  • GMO- labeling: labeling indicating whether foods have or not have been derived from genetically engineered plants (genetically modified organisms).
  • S&P companies: Standard and Poor's: iconic financial indexes and indicators.

Do Business and Politics Mix?

If needed:
username: lasalle
password: bajio

Business Intelligence: Culture PPT

As I promised many, many times during the week, here's the presentation about culture we studied these last days.

Business Intelligence: International Business, Environments and Operations

Hi, there!

As I promised, here you can find the book in English for you to have it. It's kind of a heavy file, so if you want it, save it TO YOUR COMPUTER. It's more than 800 pages. 

Business Intelligence: The myth of globalisation

Hi there!

Here's the video about the "myth of globalisation" according to Peter Alfandary on Ted Talks.

The myth of globalisation

Business Intelligence: Case for Friday

Hi, there!
Here's the case you need to analyze for this next Friday August 24:
In a one-or-two page document, answer the following questions:
1. What do you think was the main reason for Wal-Mart to fail in the German market?
2. Was Wal-Mart’s basic strategy for capturing the German market by replicating the model that had proven to be successful in the American domestic market a good idea?
3. What were some mistakes Wal-Mart had in their management.
4. Do you think cultural differences may have caused some of these failures?

username: lasalle
password: bajio

Business Intelligence: Business ideas for your project

Hi, people:
Here you can find many ideas for your project this partial.
I want you to analyze your company. Use the SWOT and PESTLE schemes to examine the environment of your business.
Remember you have to make a PowerPoint presentation with all this. 
The sharks in the tank will be evaluating your proposals.

Business Intelligence: Globalization PPT

Hi there!

I had some technical problems, so I couldn't upload the presentation earlier toda.

Anyway, here it is, so you can read it and analyze it for the partial exam.

See ya!


Level V: Correlative conjunctions homework

Hi there!

Please copy the following sentences in your notebook and then answer them for tomorrow:

1. We will go to the movies _____________ tonight __________tomorrow night.
2. Yasmin invited ______________Carl _______________ Jane to the party.
3.  _______________Ivan ______________ Albert like hip hop.
4. I will be on time  ________________  I get a ride to school ________ walk.
5. ____________ Mom _______________ Dad insist that I practice an hour a day.
6. _____________ India ____________Africa were studied in geography this year.
7. I want to go ________________ to Disneyland _______________ to Sea World.
8. I will be your friend ______________ you stay here ____________ move away.

Level V: Adjective order homework

Hi there!

Here are the exercises you need to print/ copy AND THEN ANSWER for tomorrow:

Adjective order:

Business Intelligence: International Business PPT

Hi again:

Finally, here's the presentation we had this week. Please, take a look at it and keep it for further reference:

International Business

Level V: Planet Earth video

Hi, people:

This is the video about planet Earth that you have to watch for tomorrow:

Planet Earth

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Business Intelligence: Coca- Cola and globalization

Here's the video we watched in class about Coca- Cola and the impact of globalization:


Business Intelligence: Business terms glossary

Hi again:

Here you can find the most common business terms and their translation to Spanish.

I'm also including formulas to analyze and calculate Cash Flowb

Business terms glossary

Cash flow analysis

Business Intelligence: Case study

Hi, there!

Here you can find the case study you have to read for next class:

AstraZeneca: a case of globalization in China

(click on the link to your left: PDF Full Text)

If you need a username and password, use these:

Username: lasalle
Password: bajio

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