Level V: Oral and writing evaluations

Hi there!

As I said in class today, here you can find your oral and writing evaluations.



LEVEL V: Homework on Participial Adjectives

Hi there:

Here's an exercise about participial adjectives, so please, print it out and answer it, and then bring it tomorrow.  


Business Intelligence: Data analysis and Data mining

Hi there!

Please read the following article:

Data analysis and Data mining

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Level V: Zero and First Conditionals Exercises

Hi, there!

Here's the homework for tomorrow:

Copy and answer the following sentences, depending on the type of conditional that corresponds in each case:

         1 If I see him, I  (give) him a lift.
         2 The table will break if you  (sit) on it.
         3 If he  (eat) all that, he will be ill.
         4 If I find your passport, I  (telephone) you.
         5 The police  (arrest) him, if they catch him.
         6 If he  (read) in bad light, he will ruin his eyes.
         7 Someone  (steal) your car if you leave it unlocked.
         8 What will happen if my parachute  (not open)? 
         9 If he  (wash) my car, I'll give him $10.
         10 If she  (need) a radio, she can borrow mine.
         11  If you  (not go) away, I'll call the police.
         12 I'll be very angry if he  (make) any more mistakes.
         13 If he  (be) late, we'll go without him.
         14 She will be absolutely furious if she  (hear) about this.
         15 If you put on the kettle, I  (make) some tea.

Business Intelligence: Implementation of an Erp system

Hi again!

Here's an interesting article about the implementation of an Erp system.

10 steps to successful ERP implementation

Level V: Relative Clauses


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Business Intelligence: Implementation of a CRM system

Hi there!

Here you have two examples of implementation of a CRM system. Please read them and analyze them in teams:

4 examples of how businesses are using CRM

10 steps to a successful CRM implementation

Level V: Homework on Relative Clauses

Hi there!

Here's the homework for tomorrow:

Relative Clauses

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