LEVEL V: Exercises for reinforcing the Simple Past and the Past Progressive

Hi there:

These are the exercises I mentioned before, and that are for you to practice during these two weeks. Remember you must turn them in on Monday after vacation!!

Exercises with Simple Past and Progressive.

I hope you enjoy your Spring Break!

Take care!

LEVEL V: Narrative Tenses

LEVEL V: A lot of practice with future tenses!


You can practice with these exercises to reinforce the future tenses:


LEVEL V: Program for this semester


As I told you in class, here's the program we'll use this semester. So please, print it out and keep it for further reference.


BUSINESS ENGLISH I: Missing page from the copies


Sorry about the quality, but I took a picture instead of scanning the page (I'm way from home right now!) Anyway, here's the missing page, now you have not excuse for not doing your homework.

If we don't finish checking answers next Friday, we'll continue on Monday.

See ya!

BUSINESS ENGLISH I: Successful business lunch


Today we saw the importance of having good manners at the table, especially when you are entertaining a client.

Here are the videos we watched in class:

Business lunch (Miss S. Grace)

The Esquire Guy's Irreverent Rules for the Perfect Business Lunch

Business Dining Etiquette


LEVEL V: Future forms: Be Going to, Present Progressive and Simple Present.

Hi there:

Take a look at this. It's the difference between INTENTIONS, ARRANGEMENTS AND SCHEDULES for plans in the future:

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