LEVEL II: Homework with prepositions

Hi, guys:

Here are the exercises you need to print for tomorrow  (PLEASE PRINT  AND ANSWER ONLY PAGES 1, 3 AND 4).

See you!

LEVEL VII: Exercises with Relative Clauses

Hello, it's me... (:

Here are the exercises you need to COPY AND ANSWER for tomorrow Thursday:

Relative Clauses Exercises (up to number 10).

See ya!

LEVEL VII: Clauses of contrast and purpose

Hi there!:

Here are the exercises I mentioned today in class:

First read this.

Then PRINT (OR COPY) AND ANSWER the following exercises:

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

See ya!

LEVEL II: Asking questions

Hi there!:

Here are the exercises you need to practice with:

First, practice with these ones, BUT DON'T PRINT THEM!

Practice exercises 1
Practice exercises 2
Practice exercises 3

And then, copy these exercises in your notebook and bring them tomorrow, ANSWERED!

Ask for the underlined part. Write the complete English question:

  1. Peter runs with his dog on Sundays.
  2. My rabbit has a cage in the garden.
  3. David likes cats because they are nice.
  4. The teacher explains the lesson in front of the class.
  5. Mario celebrates his birthday in September.
  6. My daughter washes her hair twice a week.
  7. My brother does his homework carefully.
  8. Julia has two brothers.
  9. Harry doesn't go to school because he is sick.
  10. Thalia has breakfast before going to school.

LEVEL II: Games with family trees

Hi there!:

Here you can find some exercises to practice the vocabulary relative to Family Trees.


Family Tree | English Time

Family Vocabulary

Family Vocabulary Quiz

Family Members in English

LEVEL VII: Prefixes and suffixes

Hi, y'all:

Here are the basic prefixes and suffixes you can study for your partial exam (click on each one to open a pdf file with examples):

anti-   de-   dis-   ex-   mis-    -ly

pre-   re-   un-   -ful   -less

Then, you can study the following exercises FROM PAGE 1 TO 6 and then answer them. 

And finally, practice with this other exercise and answer it too.

(If you want to study a more extensive list of these groups of letters, here's a good example).

See you tomorrow!!

English VII: More on reported speech and reporting verbs

Please, check out the following exercises and practice, practice, practice...

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

English VII: Reported speech

Hi, guys:

To practice with reported speech, just like we did today in class, please print these exercises AND THEN ANSWER THEM... (don't check the answers!):

Reported questions

Reported statements

Reported commands affirmative

Reported commands negative


LEVEL VII: Reporting verbs

Hi again:

Here's a list fo the most common reporting verbs. You can print it out and keep it for further reference:

List of Reporting verbs (with examples)

LEVEL II: Game with numbers

Hi there!:

I'm so sorry about the time, but I was a little busy!

This is an interacitive game for practicing the spelling of numbers, and your Math too! Just make sure that you choose the ADVANCED Numbers 1-100 option.

Have fun!

Exercise with numbers

LEVEL II: Verb To Be

Copy the following information in your notebook and make sentences, using the Simple Present of the verb To Be (affirmative, negative and interrogative):

1. They/be/from France.

2. He/be/a student/here/?

3. I/be/a veterinarian.

4. Max and Carlos/be/not/my friends.

5. She/be/your girlfriend/?

6. We/be/not/lazy people.

7. He/be/very handsome.

8. You/be/very tall.

9. My brother/be/not/a good soccer player.

10. Your cousin/be/a nice boy/?

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