Business Intelligence: Overview of BI tools (videos)

Hi there!:

Here are the videos we watched in class last week. They're an overview of some BI tools we have available, such as the OLAP, OLTP, ETL, cubes, etc.

BI Tools Overview (OLTP, ETL, OLAP, MDX, BI Report)

Business Intelligence: CRM systems

What makes for CRM system success — Or failure?

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Level V: More homework on Future forms

Hi, there!

Here's the homework for tomorrow:

Future Perfect and Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

Business Intelligence: What is BI?

Please read this article:

Business Intelligence

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Level V: Future Perfect VS Future Perfect Continuous

Hi people!

Here's the homework for tomorrow:

Future Forms

Business Intelligence: Antitrust

Hi again:

Do you know what "Antitrust" is?

Take a look at this:

Antitrust laws

History of antitrust

Business Intelligence: Index of Economic Freedom

Dear students:

Take a look at this page. It categorizes most of the world's countries in terms of economic freedom.

Very enlightening...


Business Intelligence: First Partial Exam

SEPTEMBER 12th Groups 302 and 303;
SEPTEMBER 14th Group 301,
at the library, so please
bring your laptop and make
sure you have Internet

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Business Intelligence: Rubrics and last presentation

September 3:
Dear students, here's the presentation about economy we studied this week:

September 7:
As I told you in class, PLEASE PRINT THE FOLLOWING FORMATS for next Monday. You have to evaluate all the teams except yours, so please consider the number of copies you'll need. (If there are 10 teams, just print 9 formats, for example).

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