LEVEL VII: One last exercise Mixed Conditionals

Hi there!:

Practice with this last mixed conditionals exercise. I hope you find it easy to understand.

See ya!

LEVEL II: Simple Present VS. Present Progressive

Hi again:

Here you can find two exercises contrasting Simple Present and Present Progressive. Print them (or copy them in your notebook) and answer them for TOMORROW TUESDAY:

Simple Present or Progressive 1

Simple Present or Progressive 2

LEVEL II: Simple Present VS. Present Progressive

Hi there!:

As we talked in class, we'll work with a contrast between the Simple Present and the Present Progressive. Work with these exercises, so you can have a better understanding.

Print this and answer it for tomorrow:

Simple Present and Present Progressive

LEVEL VII: Mixed conditionals worksheet

Hi again:

Here´s the worksheet you have to print and answer. Don't forget to add four more mixed conditionals.

See ya!

LEVEL VII: More on mixed conditionals

Hi there, people!:

Here you can find more exercises on mixed conditionals. Please, print them or copy them in your notebook:

Mixed conditionals 1 (in your notebook)

Mixed conditionals 2 (only as an online practice, don't copy it in your notebook)

See you!

LEVEL II: Present Continuous Exercises

Hi there!

Here you can find the exercises for tomorrow. They can be affirmative, negative or interrogative statements.

If you don't want to print them out, just copy them in your notebook.

Good luck!

LEVEL VII: Exercises on conditionals

Hi there!

Here are some exercises for you to practice with conditionals 1, 2 and 3.


LEVEL II: What is the Present Continuous Tense?

Hi there, class!

Here you can find the definition and examples of the Present Continuous Tense (or Present Progressive).

Please, read it and tomorrow be ready to explain what you understood.


LEVEL VII: Reducing relative clauses

Hi, you there:

The topic today was reducing relative clauses. You'd better check this page out, in case you need any further explanation.

To practice with the topic, here are some interesting exercises as well.

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