English VII: Answers to exercises 7B and 7C

Hi again:

Here are the answers to the exercises we did in class today...

Exercise 7B

1 despite
2 even
3 to
4 as
5 order
6 spite
7 that
8 Although
9 for
10 Despite

1 we wouldn't be late
2 she earns a fortune...
3 the terrible reviews/ the reviews being terrible/ the fact that the reviews were terrible
4 the fog was very thick
5 not to offend her
6 to explain the new policy

Exercise 7C

1 correct
2 incorrect (it) that goes
3 incorrect (that) which was absolutely true
4 incorrect (that) who es very tall
5 incorrect to (who) whom
6 incorrect (that) what I cook
7 correct
8 incorrect (who) whose suitcase
9 incorrect what I just said
10 incorrect (what) that I bought last week

1 His girlfriend, who is an architect, is very intelligent. (His girlfriend, who is very intelligent, is an architect).
2 They gave us a present, which was a complete surprise.
3 I didn't understand what he was saying.
4 The car which/ that crashed into mine was a Mini.
5 The police officer (who/ that) I spoke to was working on the reception desk/ The police officer to whom I spoke...
6 Our computer, which we bought two months ago, keeps on crashing.
7 The things (which/ that) I left on the table aren't there anymore.
8 It's too hot in my flat, which makes it impossible to sleep.

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