LEVEL II: Exercise with Possessive Adjectives

Hi there!

This is the homework for tomorrow:

PRINT OR COPY IN YOUR NOTEBOOK, and then answer this exercise:

Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives:

  1. Where is (I)  book?
  2. Here is (we)  teacher.
  3. She goes to school with (she)  brother.
  4. (They)  father works in a car factory.
  5. (You)  laptop is very expensive.
  6. (He)  favorite hobby is tennis.
  7. (I)  husband and I want to go to Paris.
  8. We want to see (it)  historical monuments.
  9. Leila likes (she)  dog !
  10. (It)  name is Bobby.

Choose the right possessive adjective:

  1. Two students didn't do  mathematics homework.
  2. I have a car.  color is black.
  3. We have a dog.  name is Pancho.
  4. Nancy is from England.  husband is from Australia.
  5. Ann and Nadia go to a high school.  little brother goes to primary school.
  6. Alan has a van.  van is very old.
  7. We go to a high school.  high school is fantastic.
  8. I like singing.  mother sings with me.
  9. François and Alain are French.  family are from France.
  10. Mary likes  grandmother. She often visits her.

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